Art for me is a spiritual experience, a never-ending journey of understanding and cooperating with the greater laws of Spirit that operate this and all the universes. I’ve learned to appreciate the subtle whisperings from the call of Soul to my work. What work I do seems far from enough but enough to lead me onward, a pilgrimage of heart if you like, into new visions, to a place of inner peace, harmony, trust, gratitude, and self-discovery. Although I’ve had a website for many years I thought I’d try a fresh, simple approach in presenting my art while giving us a way of communicating our thoughts, dreams and viewpoints about art and spirituality with hope that we can inspire each other on this short, great adventure we call life.



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  • I can smell the rain and feel the gentle drops on my face.

    • Thank you Samantha. It was a wonderful challenge to work with the rain and to transform
      the feeling I felt as a young boy. Lots of love to you. Jeff

  • Love it! Can feel the blessing of the rain…

  • Oh that sky!! I see scattered diamonds..

    • Thank you dear friend for your beautiful observation.
      As a child I loved the rain and enjoyed the challenge
      of painting it. LOL

  • September 9,2019

    Hi Jeff,
    I love your paintings. Their so pretty and so meaningful. I dont know much about painting but I think your paintings are so good.
    Love you,
    Carolyn Conn

    • Thanks Cousin. There’s not much to know about painting as an
      observer. if you can feel the Spirit within it it I’ve accomplished
      my task in creating it. Much love to you and thank you for looking.

  • Thank you for sharing! Love the painting. Rain is the blessings of God falling down on you in this picture!
    Every time it rains I say Blessings of God on this world!
    Best regards and May the blessings be! Lise

    • Thank you Lise. You’ve said with words what motivated this vision.
      I’m always happy to hear from you. In the Spirit of Love.

  • Beautifully refreshing! I love your paintings.

  • Janet & Jim Hukill

    September 8, 2019 at 7:24 pm Reply

    I like it! It’s inspiring!

  • I am soo happy and proud of you! You’ve come a long way, baby!! πŸ™‚ You deserve nothing but the BEST!!

    • It’s been too long sweetheart. Did you get my email? How did you find me?
      I hope you’re happy. Where are you living? How’s the family? Marissa?
      Lot of good life has happened. So glad for your contact.
      Please keep in touch!

      Much love, Jeff

  • Hi jeff, Meeting you is my honor. Brian, from Liberty of the sea

    • Hi Brian,
      We had such a great time with you. The honor is mutual.
      Both Sigrun and I wish you the all the best in life and travels.
      Lots of Love,
      PS_If you ever make it to Dallas please let us know.

  • Your art is wonderful because it shifts the perception. It alters the senses from what’s real to what is unseen and could be a dream right in front of us to unfold.
    I feel a lot of inner expansion within my being. My heart rate slows down. I have a truer connection on a core level with each painting.
    Thank you for these works of love.
    May the Blessings Be.
    Much Love,

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